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Mar 25 2024

Email Scams

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Member Minder Pro Wants You to Be Safe Online

Email scams are on the rise, and we want to assist you in being vigilant against potential scams that could cause you losses. The criminals behind these scams send emails that look like they may have been sent by DACdb, iMembersDB, Member Minder Pro, a Rotarian, or another company using realistic logos and other features designed to trick you. They do this so they can steal your information or your money. Many times, their emails ask you to complete a survey or fill out a form, and in return, they promise to send you something for free. You also need to be very careful of any email attachments or links they ask you to click on. These emails are NOT from DACdb, iMembersDB, Member Minder Pro, or a Rotarian, and the criminals who send them did NOT get your email address from our systems. Many times, they will do a search engine lookup of the person they are impersonating and try to trick or lure you by impersonating a familiar name to you. Do not fall for it! 

We want you to know about these scams so you can protect yourself and your personal information. Here are a few tips to help you avoid email scams:

  • Be suspicious of any email that asks for any of your personal information, any credit card number, or any password or account information. Do not give it out!

  • Look for spelling or grammar errors - email scams are often poorly written.

  • Review the actual email address from the sender - scam emails often come from unusual addresses. Sometimes the email address could mimic something close to what their actual email address is, but look at that email address carefully. Be especially careful if you are reviewing the email address on your mobile device.

While DACdb, iMembersDB, Member Minder Pro, and Rotarians do occasionally send out surveys to help us serve you better, we will NEVER ask you for your credit card number or address in exchange for completing a survey.

Please be careful with your financial and personal data, and if you receive a scam email that looks like it came from DACdb, iMembersDB, Member Minder Pro, or a Rotarian, please forward it to:

Thank you,

Your Member MInder Pro Team

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